Adult Ministry

The adult ministry exists to draw us together as Kingdom builders in our lives, our homes, our jobs, our community, and our church. We strive to be continually growing in our relationship with Christ through prayer, studying His word, fellowship and service.

Sunday School, Bible Study and Special Studies are a great way to grow in faith, practicing accountability and becoming stronger disciples for Christ.

Adults at Florence have a variety of classes and curriculum styles from which to choose. The majority of classes meet in our Adult Education Center (AEC) on Sunday Mornings at 9:45.  One class meets in our Life Enrichment Center(LEC), and two meet in our Sanctuary Building.

Adult Education Center Directory

Third Floor:

Room   305          WOW Class - Couples 30+ through 60+     

Room   306.         The Pulse Class - College and Young Adults

Second Floor:

Room 202            BIG Class -  Couples 40+ through 60+

Room 204            Virgil Webb Class - Middle to Senior Adult Men

Room 206            Faith Class - Senior Adult Women

Suite 205

       Room A         Joy Class - Middle to Senior Adult Women

       Room F         Helping Hands Class - Adult Women

First Floor:

Room 104            Potter's Clay Class - Middle Age Men and Women

Sanctuary Building

Lower Level        Church Parlor-Sonshine Class -  Adult Women

Main Level          Room 201-Friendship/Hope -  Senior Adult Women

Life Enrichment Center Directory (LEC)

Dining Room      FBIC Class - Middle to Senior Adult Couples