Wednesday Night Fellowship Suppers


Main Menu - $5.00 each

Age 10 & Under $3.00 each

No family will be charged more than $15.00 per week  

You can now sign up and pay online! Watch the video below to find out how.

In order to make our Wednesday Fellowship Suppers run as smoothly as possible, please follow the guidelines below:


Please order in one of three ways: By filling out and returning this form; by calling the Church Office; online at and clicking on Fellowship Suppers

Please pay when we order. (It helps the church and Countryside BBQ in planning if we order by the month and pay by the month.)

Payment can also be made weekly on Wednesday at the LEC Recreation Office Window.

Orders can be made weekly, but all orders must be received by 3pm the Monday before the Wednesday for which we are ordering. No exceptions!

No “cancellation or carry over to next week” policy! Once the church places the order with Countryside BBQ, the church is obligated to pay for that number of meals.

Take Out Policy: Homebound and in cases of sickness only! Fellowship Suppers are intended for fellowship around the tables with friends.

Walk-ins! We will not be able to take walk-ins on Wednesday. All of us must make reservations. If payment is an issue, please privately speak to one of the Ministers. We want everyone to come, but we must make reservations.

Keep a record! So we know whether we ordered the Main or Alternate Menu!

Please help with clean up by clearing your place at the table when you finish. If a spill occurs, please assist in cleaning as quickly as possible.

Please pass along your suggestions on ways to improve and enhance our Fellowship Suppers.