Join us Wednesday Nights from 6-7 in the loft for fellowship and small groups by grade level

  Our current series is "Squad Up!" and we will be talking about the power of friendship and how to love others like Jesus.
We will require masks to be worn the entire time at our meetings. If there is an exposure at a meeting we will cancel group for a period of time to make sure everyone stays safe.

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It has never been more important to focus on your family's faith. We can't gather together at church but your family needs spiritual direction and guidance. Whether you have done family worship before or not, now is the time to start! That is why we have created a guide to help you walk through it. Pick one day each week and gather the whole family together for 15 minutes. Then open the guide from the link below and begin! There is no preparation needed. Go ahead and click on the link below and get started!

Family Worship Guide WK 1

family worship guide wk 2

family worship guide wk 4

family worship guide wk 5

Florence Student Ministry seeks to point youth to Christ and to be difference makers for the kingdom of God. We have been commanded to make disciples from Matthew 28:19-21 and we pray that our students would be discipled and in turn would go and make disciples.

Our desire is that our students would love Christ with all their heart, soul and strength and they would share this love with their community

Read With Me

Reading our Bible is so important, especially since we can't meet together regularly!

So read along with me but take this template and read the Bible on your own while asking these four questions:

1. What does this passage teach me about God?
2. What does this passage teach me about Mankind?
3. Is there a sin to avoid?
4. Is there an example or command to follow?

My prayer is that you can watch these videos and read along with me through the Bible!